RTEMS and the --enable-multiprocessing ???

Alex kbyte at iol.pt
Fri Dec 12 10:18:28 UTC 2003

I am installing rtems 4.2 in i x86. I choosed the pc686  bsp in the configure step...
In the configuring I set the parameter --enable-multiprocessing and when I make it I saw the error:

checking whether BSP supports multiprocessing...  no
configure: error: multiprocessing requested but not supported.

Then I configure it again without the --enable-multiprocessing parameter. 
When I make it (make all install) evering thing worked fine...

One question:

This means that I cant create processes or threads in my future rtems programs???

Which kind of BSP support multiprocessing?

I am confused...

Thanks a lot...

Nuno Costa

PS: I am a beginner in rtems...

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