Help in building a minimal Librtems.a

Charles L. Nelson charles at
Thu Dec 18 00:17:14 UTC 2003

I have followed the directions for building a bare bsp and linking to the
resulting library works well for me.  My only problem is that the smallest
library I have figured out how to build is about ~ 2.5M.  I can't seem to
get it any smaller.  I need to get it into a range of about 768K or less.
Has anyone managed to do this?

I am using rtems snapshot 'rtems-ss-20030703' configured for,

--target=mips-rtems \
--disable-networking \
--disable-cxx \
--disable-posix \
--disable-itron \
--disable-tests \

I am using the following compiler options

-G 8


Charles L. Nelson

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