RTEMS network autoconfiguration

Nigel Spon nigel at adi.co.nz
Tue Jan 14 23:25:24 UTC 2003

I'm looking at the RTEMS networking code with an eye to making it 
auto-configuring and discoverable using the Zeroconf proposals and 
Apples Rendezvous system (see 
http://developer.apple.com/macosx/rendezvous/), as these strike me as 
being a Good Thing for an embedded system using IP. This involves 
fiddling with the ARP code and (I think) writing a network daemon that 
will sit in the background making sure no-one else tries to steal the 
autoconfigured IP, plus watching for a DHCP server turning up and 
providing a routable address. Beyond that it involves porting a 
link-local DNS server for which Apple provides source -- this looks to 
be easy.

Before I get too far into this,  has anyone else already addressed 
these issues, or done any work on a DHCP client daemon that can cope 
with renewing/releasing leases?

“Now, the objective of this expedition is to attempt to find some trace 
of last years expedition.”

Nigel Spon
ADInstruments Ltd, Dunedin, NZ

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