configure error while building RTEMS 4.5.0 on linux host

anand v anand1216 at
Tue Jul 22 06:20:13 UTC 2003

yeah!!..looks like thats the problem...i tried to
run a program(hello.c) separately using the
"sparc-rtems-gcc" compiler...i got this message :

[xxx at yyy ..]$
[xxx at yyy ..]$./sparc-rtems-gcc hello.c -o hello
<command line>:warning:"cpu" re-asserted
<command line>:warning:"machine" re-asserted
cpp:-lang-c :linker input file unused since linking 
             not done.
sparc-rtems-gcc:installation problem,cannot exec 'cc1'
                :no such file or directory
[xxx at yyy ..]$
[xxx at yyy ..]$
[xxx at yyy ..]$

i guess its unable to locate some library..

moreover..i presume that this is probably the reason
for the configure error and subsequently the make

....this brings me to another doubt...

can the PATH variable in linux have paths to libraries
also or is it only for executables inside any

the contents of my file hello.c :


#include<stdio.h>//tried leaving this out
                 //still doesn't work....!! 

    printf("hello world!");

********END OF HELLO.C********

just to add ,the above program compiled and executed
successfully with gcc(v 2.96) in /usr/bin.


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