unable to make install under cygwin

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Wed Mar 12 02:09:01 UTC 2003

Joel Sherrill wrote:

>Angelo Fraietta wrote:
>>I am unable to make and install RTEMS under cygwin.
>>If I do a make all, RTEMS builds (the samples still don't work though);
>>however, if I do a make install, I get the following failure:
>>/usr/nin/install: cannot create regular file
>>//opt/rtems/i386-rtems/pc386/lib " no such host or network
>>I believe the problem is that is is trying to go to //opt instead of /opt
>>Is there anything special I need to do in the configure for cygwin?
>I downloaded over the weekend to my home computer and did a
>"native" Cygwin build without problems. 
>I think you are right that // is special in Cygwin.  Can you tell
>from the logs where it started to come from? I believe it is looking
>for the host named "opt". :(

The error is occuring when it says
make install-data-hook

the command says makedir -p   //opt/rtems/i386-rtems/pc386/lib

I have had a look in the makefile and it has

install-data-hook: $(LIB)
	@$(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)/$(libdir)
	$(INSTALL_DATA) $(LIB) $(DESTDIR)/$(libdir)

I have found in that libdir defined inthe makefile as 
libdir = ${exec_prefix}/pc386/lib

however DESTDIR is not defined anywhere in that file

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