CD build with ACE problems

Jack Cawkwell J.Cawkwell at
Mon Mar 17 12:12:23 UTC 2003


I am trying to build ACE under rtems, but I have problems.
The first file that is compiled reports an error because
clockid_t is not defined. Is this a common compilation
problem with an obvious solution? It appears to me that the
compiler gets into a state where it can nolonger parse
legal code in :

/opt/rtems/i386-rtems/include/sys/types.h circa line 245

if I add

        typedef anything int;

before the offending line:

        typedef _CLOCKID_T clockid_t;

it fails on the added line, which should compile just about anywhere?

i386-rtems-g++ and
i386-rtems-cpp newlib-1.11.0-20030203 2

I am using ACE version 5.3, the latest stable, it is much more
recent that the 5.1.14 that was previously compiled.

Any ideas? Jack

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