(Fwd) Re: DOSFS bug fixes, IDE drivers and sample released

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at bigpond.com
Sun Mar 23 11:12:02 UTC 2003

Thomas Doerfler wrote:

>>I got the program working and it worked fine with my flash disk.
>>I did, however, have to type my filenames in UPPER CASE. I don't know 
>>whether this is something peculiar with the DIMMPC flash IDE or not.
>I am glad things are working for you now. The upper case 
>matter is a bit strange. Per definition, DOS filenames are 
>case insensitive. They are stored in upercase in the directory 
>but I am sure I open my files with a lowercase filename given 
>and the functions definitively find the right file and open 
>and read/write it. 
>Could this be a problem on the MAC side?
No, because I just compiled the build on the Mac. Mac has nothing at all 
to do with this after.
To list the file I had to go /mnt/hda4/AUTOEXEC.BAT
That May very well be an issue with the DIMMPC. It is not an issue for 
me though.
I ran the test using hyper terminal on a Windows machine.

One thing I did notice, when I went to the shell option, the program 
crashed. I have nor looked any further.

>I don't know, if the patches will make it into the next 
>release, we had a discussion with Joel about it. I think they 
>will not break anything that was working without the 
If it doesn't, I will work with those patches. Keep me informed of any 

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