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Wed May 14 13:17:37 UTC 2003

Angelo Fraietta wrote:
> I am looking into different free RTOSs, so as to justify why I am using
> RTEMS instead of say eCos.
> One of the advantages put to me about eCos is that it is a certified OS
> and is even being used in life support systems. I don't know about this.

I can't find any reference to this either and if true it really
me.  Any type of certification (DO-178B, etc.) is an expensive process
getting/keeping the certification has an impact on the ongoing
process and cost.  

I don't doubt that it is used in life support systems but if it were
certified, they would be bragging and I would think it would be easy
to find on the Net. :)

> One of the pro's I am putting forward is the support I have received
> from RTEMS.

RTEMS has also been used in patient monitoring/critical care devices.
Here is a pointer to them:

>> Check out and under Products and Solutions select Patient >>Monitoring.  The new line of monitors is called IntelliVue. 

There are other critical continuous service type applications like
the Zetron Simulcast Paging System which is (my understanding) used for
emergency service type paging here you want lots of 
people paged in minimum time.  See

Other applications have similar critical natures (network devices,
manufacturing controllers, etc.) but there is no formal certification.

> Does anybody have any info comparing the two, or other RTOSs?

Personally I would like to see user comparisons of RTEMS to other RTOSs
at least referenced in my list of RTEMS articles.  It is less biased

TIll Straumann and Greg Menke have done extensive comparisons to VxWorks
and GNU/Linux.
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