gregory.menke at gregory.menke at
Mon Sep 8 17:16:33 UTC 2003

Fabio Degiovanni - Eicas writes:
 > Dear Sirs,
 >                 thank you very much for your answer, you have to 
 > apologize me, but I mistook the question. What happens to me is that the 
 > executable is smaller than what sparc-rtems-size returns.
 > To explain better:
 > -ls -l HISA returns 1869954
 > -sparc-rtems-size HISA returns
 >    text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
 >  231488  183040 9806288 10220816         9bf510 HISA
 > I understood well your explanation about the possibility that the output 
 > file is bigger than the sum of the .text, .data and .bss sections, but I 
 > cannot understand why  my output file is smaller than the sum of the 
 > ..text, .data and .bss sections.

Most likely the .bss section is not included in the output image.


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