General configure question followup

Peter Dufault dufault at
Thu Aug 26 15:50:24 UTC 2004

This is a follow up to Mark Mussetter's questions about configuring VNC.

I had a method to configure Tcl, but after reading Ralf Cersepius's 
reply to Mark I realize it was probably wrong.  So I've gotten back to 
that project and want to do it right.

RTEMS is built and everything works fine.  I'm building for pc586, 
using the suggested paths, etc.

To configure Tcl I'm trying to do this:

./configure \
     --host=i386-rtems \
     --exec-prefix=i386-rtems- \
     --disable-threads \
     --disable-load \
     --disable-shared \
     --enable-symbols \

The tools are in /opt/rtems-4.6/bin as i386-rtems-foo, and 
/opt/rtems-4.6/bin is in my search path.

However, using the above configure line, configure is using the system 
gcc and not i386-rtems-gcc.

I'd gotten around this in my first attempts by wrapping the configure 
in a shell script that did things such as:

export CC_FOR_TARGET='i386-rtems-gcc 
-B/opt/rtems-4.6/i386-rtems/pc586/lib/ -specs bsp_specs -qrtems'
export CC="${CC_FOR_TARGET}"

before doing the configure, but Ralf's previous comments make me think 
this is the wrong way to do it.

What's the right way?


Peter Dufault
HD Associates, Inc.

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