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Steve Holle sholle at
Fri Aug 27 19:08:02 UTC 2004

At 08:34 AM 8/27/2004, Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:
>THis does not fail on my home PC.  It is a P4 running XP Pro.
>It should be a fairly clean machine as I had a hard disk die and
>had to reload from OS disks a few months ago.  Is there anything
>to learn from comparing something on the two machines?

Both Steve Strobels machine ( fails ) and mine ( builds ) are identical P4 
Dells running Windows 2000.

>This morning I just upgraded the Cygwin on the dual CPU
>machine that failed earlier this week.  It now works.

I upgraded some of my Cygwin components and Steve Strobel has not.  He is 
getting ready to go on vacation but maybe he will have time to try an 
upgrade before he goes.  I'll ask him.

>Is everyone who experiences this problem running the
>latest and greatest Cygwin?
>Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>>On Fri, 2004-08-27 at 00:28, Joel Sherrill  wrote:
>>>Martin R. Calsyn wrote:
>>>>Ahh - having $(LIB) set could be it.  If you have almost any version of
>>>>Microsoft Visual Studio installed, LIB and INCLUDE will be set in global
>>>>environment variables and make will pick up those settings.
>>>That's a known one that's bad.
>>There even is an entry on this topic in the FAQ ;)
>>* LIB is supposed to be worked around in rtems-4.7/CVS for quite a
>>* INCLUDE had never been used.
>>>Also having spaces in your PATH is bad.
>>>But I don't have those issues and still get it.
>>>I have a TEMP and TMP set.
>>AFAIK, TEMP is DOS/WIN specific, TMP isn't and could interfere.
>>Both are not explicitly used by RTEMS's configuration, but they could be
>>used by tools. One would have to check these tools source code to be
>>sure ;)
>>>  Some variables with paths do have ~'s in them.
>>Do you mean *nixish "$HOME"s or WIN'ish shortened directories?
>>Do you mean paths or directories?
>>All of them are unsafe and can be troublesome. However, I don't think
>>they do any harm unless they are in environment variables being used by
>>cygwin or configure scripts (I.e. TMP, PATH, CWD/PWD)
>>>Ralf.. if you suspect something on this line, I can privately email
>>>you the env output.
>>Though I can't exclude anything, I don't expect this to be cause for the
>>"build_alias" problem.
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