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Tue Aug 31 20:14:50 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 21:32, -boggy wrote:
> Hello Gene,
> We use:

> 2. debug-cable and gdb with bdm4gdb patch for
> Motorola's MPC860 (http://www.vas-gmbh.de/software/mpcbdm/ < patch and 
> cable schematic is included in tar.gz)

Since I was not able to get contact with the original author, I used the
patch from VAS to write a small BDM library and to make some new patches
for newer GDB's. I used (and probably will use it again for a future
RTEMS-MPC860 project) it with RTEMS without to much problems, only
dealing with break points in Interrupt handlers is a bit of a pain.

The "new" version can be founf on my homepage;

> This cables cost about 50EUR, but that interfaces
> are very simple (about two HC chips + possibly some diodes and
> transistors... we built all of this in our labs... nothing special
> we have one cable per software or hardware engineer, and this is good...)

- Erwin

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