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Thanks Mr.Cedric....

I need to get an HTTP packet only for retrive an
XML file which contain the informations for target.

In few words I've a WebServer with SOAP service
and I would connect a my target to an ISP and between
HTTP layer catch and send XML (SOAP formated) files
to excenge data between taget and WebServer.

Is possible have this configuration with RTEMS net
libraries ? are this layers availables for SH Hitachi &&||
Motorola Coldfire CPUS ?

Thank you again

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As I can say, I don't see any impossibility here.

See : http://www.rtems.com/features.html

RTEMS support pppd to connect to your ISP. But I never
use it
if someone can give more information like server or
client side.
But you should can connect to your ISP.

RTEMS support have a stack TCP/IP (FreeBSD Port) so no
problem to
send and receive TCP/IP packet trought the potential
ppp connection.

But to received HTTP packet you should have an
application to do that.
A webbrowser or may be your application receive this
packet ?????
RTEMS is only provided with a HTTP Server (httpd).

But it still have some works about this look at :


Hope that help


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> Hi to all,
> sorry for my ignorance about but I would to ask you
> RTEMS 4.6.0 (hitachi SH/Motorola Coldfile) could be
> connected to a WEB provider with a modem and then
> access to HTTP protocol/services.
> I've a target board and a cable Modem (56K) and I
would to
> connect this target to WEB how client and so recover
> HTML contents of a my web page
> Thank you for your instructions about
> - [ ]Yes, is possible
> - [ ] No, isn't possible
> - This is the NET layers (protocols required) ......
IP, xxx, yyy, yyy
> - This is a draft image of the project .......
> I've only to present a draft project so I need
> simple and short instructions about that
> thank you very much
> Silverio DIquigiovanni

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