gmake[2]: execvp: m68k-rtems-gcc: Too many levels of symbolic links

Gordon Scott g.rtems.a at
Sat Feb 21 10:54:19 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I've recently gotten back to rtems after a while away and am trying to
get back up to speed. I've just collected the new 4.6.0 and am trying to
build from scratch, but am suffereing a few minor irritations.

I'm getting the following results (relevant clip only; tided for
readability) from make and I can't presently see why. As far as I can
see, there are _no_ symbolic links, but obviously either gmake or
m68k-rtems-gcc (and other m68k-rtems-xxx tools) disagree with me.
I'm working around it at the present by entering each directory and
running make there, but of course that's rather tedious.

BTW, gmake seemed to be happy in the earlier stages. This may be
directory depth related?

Any constructive suggestions appreciated.


	Making all in support
	gmake[2]: Entering directory `/Toolsets/m68k-rtems-4.6.0/m68k-rtems/c/dmv152/support'
	m68k-rtems-gcc --pipe
			-specs bsp_specs
			-DPACKAGE_STRING=\"rtems-c-src\ 4.6.0\"
			-DPACKAGE_BUGREPORT=\"rtems-bugs at\"
			-isystem ../../../dmv152/lib/include
			-o o-optimize/version.o
			-c ../../../../../rtems-4.6.0/c/src/support/version.c
--->	gmake[2]: execvp: m68k-rtems-gcc: Too many levels of symbolic links
	gmake[2]: *** [o-optimize/version.o] Error 127
	gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/Toolsets/m68k-rtems-4.6.0/m68k-rtems/c/dmv152/support'
	gmake[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
	gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/Toolsets/m68k-rtems-4.6.0/m68k-rtems/c/dmv152'
	gmake: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

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