RTEMS dyanmic RAM consumption

Jay Monkman jtm-list-rtems at smoothsmoothie.com
Tue Jul 6 05:34:44 UTC 2004

On Mon, Jul 05, 2004 at 09:21:35AM -0400, Etienne Fortin wrote:
> Question: How much dynamic RAM do I need for
> 1) RTEMS (termsio, ethernet, clock, etc...)

These typically have pretty small memory requirements. It is possible
to have a application with less than 64K for data.

> 2) TCP/IP stack

The stack typically uses 256K or more+. You have to remember, that
the 64K TCP packets are possible. You may be able to control your
network so that you'll never see such large packets, but you can't
expect such a constraint on just any network. You might be able
to get TCP w/ only 64K, but it's risky. 

> I'm afraid 64 KB may be short for all this. Is my impression correct?
> Should I add some SDRAM to the system in case 64 KB is too small?

If you can add memory, without making the device too
expensive/complicated/large/etc, I would recommend doing so.

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