(An information) and (A problem on pc386, help please)

sashti srinivasan svasn_rtems at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 5 06:50:26 UTC 2004


     I approached the list for help in getting my
programs booting on pc386.  I was suggested to use dos
and eXtender.  But luckily, I got it working with grub
itself.  The only thing I added is -Ttext=200000 while
invoking the linker in the makefile.  This made things

     Now I am stuck with another problem.  That is
when I boot with my program, I get the following error
message.(ofcourse, some simple programs work)  
     "raw handler connexion failed"
     I do not understand why this happens, please help
me in getting things working.  I assume i386-rtems is
as full-fledged as others, particularly sparc-rtems. 
Hence I assume that any program working fine on TSIM
will definitely work on pc386.  Please correct me if I
am wrong.

With Regards

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