Not quite (Cygwin build_alias bug hunt)

Bogdan Vacaliuc bvacaliuc at
Sat Sep 18 18:43:35 UTC 2004

Hi Scott,

> This step failed for me:
> $ ./ prep
> ./ line 72: syntax error near unexpected token `&&'
> ./ line 72: `  && touch ${srcdir}/configure'

Hmm.  That's strange.

> I changed the shell script to:
> prep() {
>   (cd ${topdir} && \
>   tar xv${opt_decomp}f ${src_orig_pkg} ; \
>   cd ${topdir} && \
>   patch -p0 < ${src_patch}  && touch ${srcdir}/configure  && 
> mkdirs ) }
> And things seemed to work out.

Oh, putting everything on the same line effectively.  Did you refresh your (a)sh binary from the cygwin distro instead of the
source-compiled one (if you ever used it?).

I just tried an equivalent sequence in both (a)sh and bash.  There appears to be a slight parsing difference, in which bash seems to
introduce a gratuitous ';' after the patch -p0 < ${src_patch} <newline> statement.

I think your mod is correct and will work for both cases.  You might suggest it to the cygwin bash maintainer.

This happened because you are using /bin/sh.exe <= /bin/bash.exe, I think.


It would be nice to address the part of the rtems document that says you should copy /bin/bash.exe into /bin/sh.exe.  Either to
determine that 'yes, it is necessary, and this is why... [so that the guilty piece of software could be fixed]', or 'no, we don't
need to do that anymore'.

My hunch is that with the Cygwin of today, it is not needed anymore.

> >	$ ( cd bash-2.05b ; make strip )
> I think you mean "cd bash-2.05b/.build" here.


You are always catching my sloppyness.  Thanks!

> I'm running the test script and a efi332 bsp build right 
> now...we'll see how this works.  (Oh, I did restore the 
> original cygwin1.dll as well.)



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