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Wed Aug 24 13:18:08 UTC 2005

Raquel Velasco and Bill Buck wrote:
> Hello, we developed and produce this PowerPC based machine.
> We have had a customer request to run RTEMS on the platform.  We have  
> been through some of the PowerPC related discussion on the mailing  
> lists and there seems to be existing support for the ISA.  Would  anyone 
> on this list be interested in working toward a port?  We would  be 
> willing to provide machines to support the effort.

OAR provides board support package development services for RTEMS.
There are other people and companies who also do RTEMS consulting
and BSP development.  If you want to email me privately with some
details, we can figure out the effort required.

On the "does it make sense to use RTEMS?" question, the answer is
that it might.  One early RTEMS user had a system which could be
configured with up to 128 dual CPU PA-RISC boards -- each with
128 Mbytes of RAM.  For them, RTEMS was just simpler and more
predictable.  If this customer is porting existing RTEMS
application code, it would make sense.  They may be supporting
a range of applications and standardizing on a hardware platform
even if it technically has too much power for some of their
applications.  This could give a volume pricing break and ease
long-term hardware support.

On the other hand, they could easily have  application requirements 
where RTEMS would not be my first choice either.  The same shoe does
not fit every foot.

> Bill Buck
> Genesi

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