IRQ latency and context switching on mvme5500 (was Re: RTEMS mvme5500 bsp)

Kate Feng feng1 at
Thu Jul 28 02:29:57 UTC 2005

Kate Feng wrote:

> >  Interested, yes, but I really have no time right now
> > to have a closer look at it -- can you summarize the results?
> Based on the test  result, it shows that  RTEMS-mvme5500 is
> more deterministic  and  steadier than vxWorks-mvme5500
> for the highest priority task. For  both  the idle  and loaded system,
> RTEMS-mvme5500 "GUARANTEED"  twice or three times
> faster response time in a steadier state.

I meant for the worst case.  -- Kate

>  The "worst case" is a
> critical factor  in consideration of the real-time  system.

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