Fit in MCF5282 internal memory

Waschk,Kolja rtems at
Mon May 2 18:03:27 UTC 2005


I'm quite new to RTEMS and just succeeded to run some examples from CVS on
two boards with Freescale MCF528X (on a COBRA5282 and a DNP/5280), using
a slightly modified uC5282 BSP started from dBUG.

The BSP does make use of the rather large DRAM (8..16 MByte) and uses the
internal 64 kByte SRAM in the 528X only for Ethernet buffers, as far as I
can see.

Is it feasible to try to run RTEMS with only 64 kByte SRAM, i.e. using only
the internal memory in the 528X? I'm planning various small applications,
e.g. Ethernet bridging via serial interface (with no requirement for large

Sorry if this or a very similar question was on the list before; I wasn't
able to search in the archives: the search cgi just gives me a completely
empty page.

Thanks for any hints in advance!

Mr. Kolja Waschk, waschk at telos - +49(40) 450173-0; Fax -99
telos EDV Systementwicklung GmbH - Schlueterstrasse 16 - D-20146 Hamburg

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