Fw: problems building RTEMS

avy st astrominger at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 29 09:43:25 UTC 2006


after your comment, I have re-looked into the failing log again.  To my surprise, it says:

  checking how to run the C++ preprocessor... /lib/cpp
  configure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check

I do have CPP is properly installed under /opt/rtems-tools-4.7/bin/powerpc-rtems-cpp.exe, and /opt/rtems-tools-4.7/bin is first on the path. 
but, since I don't need c++, it is the C preprocessor, and it is properly found by the script several lines above. (line 62: checking how to run the C preprocessor... powerpc-rtems-gcc -E).
Now, I build RTEMS with --disable-cxx, so why should it check for the C++ pre-processor?
And, what is the difference between the C pre-processor and the C++ pre-processor?

Please note that the problem is caused by the testsuites/samples directory.  Removing the samples directory from testsuites enables the build to continue.

Avy ideas?

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On Thu, 2006-12-28 at 06:12 -0800, avy st wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm trying to build the RTEMS toolset and RTEMS for powerpc,
> hosted on cygwin, and supporting Ada.  I followed pretty much the
> instructions givn on
> http://www.rtems.com/wiki/index.php/BuildingUnderCygwin (with the
> required modifications needed for Ada building), and got a problem
> when building RTEMS itself which blows with the following message:
>         checking for RTEMS_NETWORKING... no
>         checking how to run the C++ preprocessor... /lib/cpp
>         configure: error: C++ preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity
>         check
>         See `config.log' for more details.
The configure script doesn't find your target toolchain.

Probably you either don't have it installed, or your $PATH is not setup

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