pc386 on head .. explanation

Karel Gardas kgardas at objectsecurity.com
Tue Jan 31 16:43:53 UTC 2006

Hello Joel,

cool that you've found the culprit, but hmm, I'm afraid this does not 
explain why TA3 is running when we add some printfs to it, or does it?


On Tue, 31 Jan 2006, Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Hi,
> I don't know what is causing this but the stack usage
> has apparently increased with newer gcc versions.  I
> increased the stacks in ticker until it would run.
> Here is the stack usage report:
> Stack usage by thread
>   ID      NAME       LOW        HIGH     AVAILABLE      USED
> 0x09010001  IDLE  0x0012b3e0  0x0012b7df       1008        128
> 0x0a010002  TA1   0x0012c2a4  0x0012cea3       3056       2496
> 0x0a010003  TA2   0x0012d408  0x0012e007       3056       2400
> 0x0a010004  TA3   0x0012e56c  0x0012f16b       3056       2400
> 0xffffffff  INTR  0x001289cc  0x001299cb       4080        172
> I don't think ticker is particularly abusive of the stack.
> Does anyone have any thoughts on why we are using over
> 2K of stack per task.  Neither IDLE not the INTR stack
> appear to be a problem.
> I have run it with gcc-head and gcc 4.0.1 RPMs.
> --joel

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