ATA/IDE disk access using PIO and interrupt

Yan Luo yan_luo at
Thu Jun 1 20:03:26 UTC 2006

Hello Thomas,

I still have a question. When you said "works like a charm", do you mean it 
works for powerpc/gen5200?

I don't see any irq.h or irq.c under c/src/lib/libbsp/i386/pc386. The 
interrupt vector BSP_SIU_IRQ_ATA is defined for powerpc/gen5200 in its 
irq.h, but NOT for i386. I don't think I can use that irq number for i386.

Any suggestions?


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> Eugeny,
> Eugeny S. Mints schrieb:
>> Hello Yan,
> ...
>> you mentioned you are on 4.6.2 but you could check and take a
>> look at powerpc/gen5200 bsp. ide/idecfg.c in this bsp has 'int_driven'
>> flag set under 'ifdef ATA_USE_INT'. Since ATA_USE_INT is undefined in
>> bsp.h for this bsp I have no idea whether anybody gives this a try but I
>> guess Thomas could shed a light on this :)
> Yes, ok, we found that aswell. And in our current patched sources
> ATA_USE_INT is defined (and works like a charm :-)
> wkr,
> Thomas.
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