Filio example doesn't run with rtems from the cvs

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Mon Mar 20 14:26:55 UTC 2006


what where your exact steps, when your compiled fileio separately? Which 
makefile did you use, did you also copy the "system.h" file? There is a 
BSP preprocessor define which is vital for "fileio", it is called 


Matteo wrote:
> Ok , I see from that I'm
> using a compatible version of gcc, newlib and binutils (gcc-4.0, newlib-1.13,
> binutils-2.16). 
> Infact using this toolset I can compile correctly rtems and the testsuite and
> fileio example works well. 
> After I take the source code of fileio example and I compiled it and the example
>  doesn't works!
> How it's possible, I use the same source file, the only difference is that in
> the first case the example are compiled automatically with rtems and in the
> second case I compiled the source code of the example separately.
> Note that I try compile separately the hello and ticker examples  and they works
> well, so why fileio doesn't work ?
> Thank in advance 
> Matteo
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