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Tue May 16 13:52:28 UTC 2006

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> > I am trying to mount a file system into memory from a bootable CD and I am
> a bit
> > unclear on how to do this. The CPU is a i386 and BSP is pc386, where I am
> using
> > the bootloader GRUB to execute the RTEMS image.
> Do you have RTEMS booting from a CDROM ?

Currently I've tested the hello world sample application and that boots
successfully from a CD, so I would assume it should work ok once I advance the

> > 
> > 1. Is the IMFS implementation the best course of achieving this?
> > 
> This creates a file system in the memory of the target. You would need 
> to populate this file system with the default files from the CD to be of 
> use.
> > 2. To the best of my knowledge I beleive that I need to create a file
> system
> > image and store it onto the CD, where it can then be mounted by the RTEMS.
> If
> > this is the correct course of action, how do I go about mounting the file
> > system image from the CD?
> You can do this by creating a tar file of the files you want and linking 
> it to your application. You then untar the tar file into the IMFS to use 
> the files.
> RTEMS currently does not support CDROM file formats.

Ok I will give this a go, it sounds like it should be pretty straight forward. I
just want to clarify that you mean combining the tar file inside the RTEMS
image, since I can't access the CDROM from RTEMS?

> > 
> > 3. If the above is not the correct course, can someone please point me in
> the
> > right direction.
> > 
> I see no difference between a single bootable image on CDROM and a 
> single bootable image in a flash device. It should be possible.

Well it seems promising, so I will see how I go with it. I thought I might add
that the only reason why I'm using a bootable CD is for developement purposes.
As the setup I currently have doesn't have access to the network and I thought
it would be the easiest option, but if I run into more troubles I may have to

David Roberts

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