rtems_clock_set @ sparc v7 does not work!

Grigori Khmyrov grigori_khmyrov at uml.edu
Tue May 30 17:48:53 UTC 2006

Yes, it would be reasonable explanation!
I use RTEMS 4.0.0 for the sparc BSP
And 4.6.2 for i386 BSP (which works)

How can I patch "memory barrier" for version 4.0.0?
I can not switch easy to the new rtems version because of mkprom support.

Thank you,

Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Grigori Khmyrov wrote:
>> When I set new time at sparc v7 board using rtems_clock_set( &newTime 
>> ) function,
>> at some point ticks jump back to previous value!?
>> It does not happen if I use rtems_clock_set twice:
>> rtems_clock_set
>> rtems_clock_set
> What version of RTEMS are you using?  Does it have the "memory 
> barrier" patch?
> This sounds like the interrupt critical section issue that was 
> addressed by that patch.
>> I have same code running at i386 processor and rtems_clock_set is 
>> working OK.
>> Any ideas?
>> Thank you,
>> Grigori

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