Readiness for Integrated Modular Avionics?

Christian, Martin, OPEE45 Martin.Christian at
Fri Oct 20 12:02:39 UTC 2006

I'm evaluating different Open Source RTOS for use with Integrated
Modular Avionics and I'd like to get some information about the RTMES
architecture. I'm especially concerned with the time an space
partitioning, which is requiring support for CPU protection modes and
MMUs. The only information I found, is on Wikipedia stating: "RTEMS does
not provide any form of memory management or processes. In POSIX
terminology, it implements a single process, multithreaded environment."
But I found already evidence that the former statement is not true
(anymore), since there where some references to malloc/free calls in
this mailing list.
I tried to find the information myself, but so far without success - at
least nothing I could cite in a Diplom Thesis. And at this stage I don't
want to go into the code. Thus I hope you'll answer my questions or
better point me to some papers I could cite.



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