CVS Updates

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri Oct 20 20:10:21 UTC 2006


Ralf has committed code to the "rtems-4-7-branch" which updates
the configurery to use the latest versions of automake and autoconf.

Ralf as also committed similar modifications to the CVS Head.

I committed a change to the CVS head which removed the "macro"
directories from cpukit/ and removed the associated configure flag.

I will be starting a build of all configurations to run over the
weekend to verify all of this.  I built after committed my macro change
so that should be OK.

My pending queue:

  + ARM BSP rtl22xx
  + Blackfin port merge once Alain emails it. ;>
  + new 4.7 tools with
     - new automake/autoconf
     - newlib memory leak patch
  + new 4.8 tools with:
     - new automake/autoconf
     - newlib memory leak patch
     - newlib pthread.h with barrier, rwlock, and spinlock

Test reports from the 4.7 branch are encouraged.  Once the new tools
are out, it should be time to consider a release image.


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