problems building MinGW powerpc compiler on MinGW host

Mick Davis mickd at
Wed Oct 11 03:22:10 UTC 2006

I've built Mingw/Mingw cross compiler for the coldfire.  Just looking at 
your build process compared to mine, I can make a couple of suggestions.

I've got the gcc source under a windows root dir. That is, c:\gcc-4.1.1 
. Then under msys, I've mounted the dir in etc/fstab with a line;

/gcc-4.1.1 /gcc-4.1.1

This seems to help some of the scripts when unix and windows paths get 

I've also found from the gcc mailing list a couple of patches which seem 
to help gcc under msys.  The cppdefault.c.diff is a hack, which you'll 
need to modify for your target. It allows you relocate the install, 
something which gets broken by the msys build process. They're attached.

avy st wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm trying to build an poweroc-rtems4.7 compiler, using MinGW32 as both build machine and host machine.  The final purpose is to build the gcc Ada compiler, so I cannot use the pre-built MinGW package available on the RTEMS site.
> I'm using: binutils-2.16.1 with the binutils-2.16.1-rtems-20050816.diff patch
>                gcc-4.1.1 with the gcc-core-4.1.1-rtems-20060626.diff patch
>                newlib-1.14.0 with the newlib-1.14.0-rtems-20060707.diff patch
> binutils built just fine.
> When building gcc, the process failed when compiling source/gcc-4.1.1-2/gcc/libgcc2.c.  
> The error log is attached in file error.txt.  The configuration, as well as the build invocation, can be seen in the attached gcc_build_gcc_only script.
> Does anyone have ideas how to solve the problem?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely
> Avy Strominger
> astrominger at


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