How do I load hello.exe to my lite5200?

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at
Fri Feb 23 11:43:04 UTC 2007


we have developed the gen5200 BSP, so I think we could best support you
to get RTEMS up and running on your "lite5200" board.

The last problems you mentioned are a bit of a suprise for me. By
default, the console should be initialized to a baudrate of 9600
bits/second. This frequency is derived from the MPC5200 IPBclock.

U-Boot passes the actual IPB clock frequency to RTEMS in a configuration
data structure, and the value stored there is used to set up the
baudrate dividers.

Can you give me more information about your board (chip frequency etc)
and the U-Boot configuration/version you are using?


Duncan Winn schrieb:
> Nickolay Kolchin wrote:
>> On 2/22/07, Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at> wrote:
>>> The make-exe rule leaves the file in ELF format so is that what u-boot
>>> can load?  Do you do anything special to the linked image before
>>> downloading it with u-boot?
>> I'm using this commands in linux shell:
>> $ powerpc-rtems-objcopy -O binary --strip-unneeded hello.exe hello.bin
>> $ mkimage -A ppc -O rtems -T kernel -a 0x100 -e 0x10000 -n "RTEMS" \
>>      -C none -d hello.bin hello.img
>> and then load "hello.img" with U-Boot: tftpboot; bootm
>> mkimage --- is an utility provided with U-Boot (look inside tools 
>> directory).
>>> Is there anyone out there using the Motorola lite5200 or is everyone
>>> using 3rd party or custom boards?
>> FreeScale lite5200b. Afaik, original 5200 is obsolete and not produced 
>> any more.
>>> --joel
>>>> On 2/22/07, Duncan Winn <duncan at> wrote:
>>>>> I would like to run RTEMS on a Motorola lite5200 board.  This 
>>> board uses
>>>>> the MPC5200 processor.  I was able to build RTEMS using the 
>>> pm520-ze30
>>>>> bsp.  At first, I thought I should be using the gen5200 bsp, but I
>>>>> couldn't get it to build.
>>>>> My question is, is the pm520-ze30 the right bsp?  What part of the 
>>> bsp
>>>>> would I need to modify in order to get hello.exe running on the
>>>>> lite5200?  How do I go about downloading hello.exe to the board.  
>>> When
>>>>> the board boots up, it gives me a dBUG> prompt from the Motorola
>>>>> standard monitor program.  I was able to build and download a 
>>> version of
>>>>> u-boot to the board if this will make it easier to load RTEMS.  I was
>>>>> also able to build and download ELDK Linux (2.4.25) to the board, but
>>>>> this didn't get me any closer to RTEMS.  Any help would be greatly
>>>>> appreciated.
>> ---
>> Nickolay
> Thank you for your help.  I successfully loaded my hello.bin as 
> hello.img and then I tried to let it autoboot the way it did while 
> running the Linux image (using tftp, bootm).  It told me that it had 
> loaded hello.img, but I got garbage characters on my terminal window and 
> changing the baud rate did not seem to help.  The hello.exe file I got from
> <my home 
> directory>/tools/build-rtems/powerpc-rtems4.7/c/pm520_ze30/testsuites/samples/hello
> Thank you,
> Duncan Winn
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