New M68K target for GCC

Kirspel, Kevin {Engineering - Osmetech CCD} kevin.kirspel at
Tue Jan 16 15:08:09 UTC 2007

I want to patch GCC 4.1.1 to add the MCF532x CoreV3 Coldfire processors.
I have the MCF5329EVB evaluation board and I want to get it running with
RTEMS.  I have checkout the rtems-4.7-branch from CVS and have patched
it with a MCF5329EVB BSP.  To my dismay, GCC does not recognize the
-m5329 target option.  I have never tried to update GCC to support a new
target processor, but since similar m68k coldfire processors are
supported I didn't think it would take to much work to get it to
recognize the -m5329 option.  Does anyone know the steps necessary to
patch GCC to recognize the MCF5329 processor?


Kevin Kirspel

Research Engineer


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