No acceptable C compiler found

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Nov 12 23:25:12 UTC 2007

Jalpan Dholakia wrote:
> Hello,
> I am configuring RTEMS4.7.1 for Arm target through MINGW. I have 
> downloaded appropriate compilers from RTEMS ftp. I have also tested 
> arm-rtems4.7-gcc.exe and it is generating .o and .S file. I have also 
> exported proper PATH.

Did you test this in a cmd.exe box or the MSYS shell ?

> I am giving address of the directory which contains arm tools through - 
> - prefix. Though I could not able to configure. I am getting error that
> error: No acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
> Could you please point me the problem?

It will be the PATH variable. Configure needs a valid path set.

Could you please send me the config.log and the PATH variable.


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