No acceptable C compiler found

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Tue Nov 13 15:49:51 UTC 2007

Hi, Jalpan Dholakia 
Can you post another config.log? the config.log should located in some subdirectory.
when you type:  configure --target=arm-rtems.......
you will get information like:
$> entering /home/yourhome/rtems4.7/dir1/dir2/
$> error:No acceptable C compiler found
Then, the error configure log should be in /home/yourhome/rtems4.7/dir1/dir2/

BTW, how about if you try configure --target=arm-rtems4.7 instead of configure --target=arm-rtems?

Thanks & Best Regards!  
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Time: 2007-11-13, 23:17:41   
Subject: Re: RE : No  acceptable C compiler found   

>Hi Ralf, 
> I have set  /bin  in the $ PATH which include 
>arm-rtems4.7-gcc.exe , autoconf etc.  files.    I am not doing any thing 
>with the cc1. 
> I am also giving prefix in configure command like - - 
>prefix=/h/RTEMS/msys/arm/bin    . As I said prefix has no effect. If it has 
>then why it is giving error for $PATH like "No acceptable  C compiler found 
>in $PATH" ? 
> Regards. 
>On Tue, 2007-11-13 at 07:59 -0600, Joel Sherrill wrote: 
>> + MinGW doesn't run on Vista correctly.  The native compiler 
>>     dies compiling hello world with a message like 
>>      "cc1 not found". 
>cc1 not found indicates a toolchain relocation error. 
>In general, GCCs based toolchains are not relocatible and must be 
>installed into the prefix they have been configured for. 
>>  We searched online and others have 
>>      run into this but the only solution I saw was to put the 
>>      directory with cc1 in your PATH but that results in the 
>>      RTEMS cross compiler finding the native cc1 not the 
>>      cross one. 
>Right. As you might recall, cross tools are named -. 
>You MUST not put the directory containing cc1 into $PATH. 
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