4.8 examples

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com
Mon Sep 10 14:02:27 UTC 2007

Jerry Needell wrote:
> Joel,
>     I finally got around to downloading and building the CVS head for 
> the leon3 and everything went well until I  downloaded and  ran some of 
> the examples from the examples tree. They would build fine, but when I 
> ran them on a LEON3 (in tsim or hardware) they would fail on an Internal 
> error. I downloaded the class_examples tree and they worked fine. In 
> looking at the differences in the Makefiels, I found that in the example 
> tree, in hello_world_c, the Makefile only include the io Manager. In the 
> class_examples it include "all" managers. I changed the Makefile to 
> include all Mamagers and the hello_world_c example ran successfully 
> under tsim.
> So, it looks like the examples tree needs to be updated, and this also 
> raises the question, what Managers are required for the hello_world_c 
> example?
You definitely have to have IO since it is using the console
driver.  If the console driver is using termios, it also needs
the Classic API semaphore manager.

In 4.7, the Classic API semaphore manager was required in
all applications.  Now it is optional.  So is the region manager.

Making this change resulted in a number of cases where the
optional managers line was wrong.  I have fixed the examples
in CVS.

Thanks for testing this.

> Best regards,
> Jerry
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