4.8 examples

Jiri Gaisler jiri at gaisler.com
Mon Sep 10 14:25:54 UTC 2007

I think you also need to include the timer manager. This should
be fixed in the bsp, rather then by changing the tests. I will
look into it ...


Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Jerry Needell wrote:
>> Joel,
>>     I finally got around to downloading and building the CVS head for 
>> the leon3 and everything went well until I  downloaded and  ran some of 
>> the examples from the examples tree. They would build fine, but when I 
>> ran them on a LEON3 (in tsim or hardware) they would fail on an Internal 
>> error. I downloaded the class_examples tree and they worked fine. In 
>> looking at the differences in the Makefiels, I found that in the example 
>> tree, in hello_world_c, the Makefile only include the io Manager. In the 
>> class_examples it include "all" managers. I changed the Makefile to 
>> include all Mamagers and the hello_world_c example ran successfully 
>> under tsim.
>> So, it looks like the examples tree needs to be updated, and this also 
>> raises the question, what Managers are required for the hello_world_c 
>> example?
> You definitely have to have IO since it is using the console
> driver.  If the console driver is using termios, it also needs
> the Classic API semaphore manager.
> In 4.7, the Classic API semaphore manager was required in
> all applications.  Now it is optional.  So is the region manager.
> Making this change resulted in a number of cases where the
> optional managers line was wrong.  I have fixed the examples
> in CVS.
> Thanks for testing this.
> --joel
>> Best regards,
>> Jerry
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