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Web.POP Marc.Enzmann at
Tue Dec 23 18:38:09 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I compiled RTEMS 4.9.1 with the pc386 BSP on my MacBook and ran the  
Ada examples.
Here are the results:

ada_from_c_task: okay
cpuuse: okay
delay_until: okay
dumpwebpage: linking fails with several errors
empty: okay
exception_test: okay
exceptiontest2: okay
exceptiontest3: okay
hello_via_task: okay
hello_world_ada: okay
pingpong: raises exception GNAT.SOCKETS.SOCKET_ERROR [106]
stack_check: okay

I would appreciate any help w.r.t. to getting GNAT.SOCKETS to run.

Merry Christmas to all of you,

best regards,


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