libi2c register bus

Bassem Fahmy t_fahmy_bassem at
Wed Oct 29 01:15:24 UTC 2008

i'm doing an I2c driver. when i try to register a bus driver, the function fail. i traced the function and i found that it is calling another function called State twice:
first time with the name of the node "/dev/i2c" to verify that the node doesn't already exist. this call pass.
second time with the directory name "/dev/" and this return with a non zero value. and the error was indicating "no space left on device". so my questions are:
where is that space rtems is talking about. i'm using sam7 controller with 256k instruction memory and 64k data memory and no flash disk. so where is the file system now? 
how can i configure the space to take this new device.

Thanks in advance.

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