RES: Is there a document about the implementation of RTEMS

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Yeah. I've a suggestion for the book's title:

"Learn all about RTEMS in 356 days."

Just kidding! :-)

But, seriously now, I would be one of first to buy such book (and contribute - why not?) I guess the success would be inevitable.

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PowerMan wrote:
> A guide to the files in $(RTEMS)/cpukit/score & $(RTEMS)/cpukit/rtems,
> like the famous "the design and implementation of 4.4BSD"
No.  I have wanted to write that book for years. <sigh>

About 1 day of the 4 day class is a combination tour of source
tree and design overview with emphasis on algorithms and
data structures.

About  1.5 days of the 4 day is on BSP and device driver

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