General PTY and CONSOLE question

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Fri Sep 19 17:08:04 UTC 2008


during startup RTEMS tries to open "dev/console". If you don't a device
of this name, you will run into trouble. PTY will be initialized later
(AFAIK), so this can't be a replacement.

Maybe the NULL device can help you as a dummy replacement of the console?


Gene Smith wrote:
> Does a PTY driver require the console driver? When I remove 
> CONSOLE_DRIVER_TABLE_ENTRY from the Device_drivers[] array I get no pty 
> login. Are they somehow tied together? Examples I have seen on the list 
> have the both.
> I need to run with my UART h/w disabled (I can't have it on, I need its 
> I/O ports for other functions). However I would still like the PTY 
> login/shell to be working (for now).
> The other problem also might be that print[kf] calls are still present 
> in the code. printk still tries to send chars to the uart even when 
> CONSOLE is gone. I am not sure about printf.
> Thanks,
> -gene
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