lm32 timer

Jukka Pietarinen jukka.pietarinen at mrf.fi
Fri Feb 27 08:27:24 UTC 2009

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> hello and ticker now run on the simulator.  But
> the timer tests do not.  They fail with this:
> *** TIME TEST 1 ***
> core: 4 byte write to unmapped address 0x8000a008 at 0x800171c
> Apparently I need a timer1 at 0x8000A000.
> How do I configure a second timer with
> the simulator?
> If not possible is this two instantiations of
> the same hardware module and we could just use
> timer0 again since you don't need the clock
> driver and timer driver at the same time?

When writing the BSP I was not aware that you do not need both 
simultaneously. I think one could change the benchmark timer to use the 
CPU cycle counter instead of a timer instance but you would loose 
overflow detection although I doubt it will matter with a 32 bit counter.


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