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Wed Jan 7 18:48:53 UTC 2009

Massimo Tipaldi wrote:
> Dear all,
> first of all, I wish you all the best for this year.
> I am still trying to work RTEMS on Windows. I have followed all the 
> advices from Joel and Chris (Rtems 4.9.1 with the related examples and 
> RTEMS tools 4.9).
> For what concerns the RTEMS installation:
> 1) with the option "--enable-multilib", the installation fails 
> (libnetworking/netinet/.deps/libnetworking_a-if_ether.Po: No such file 
> or directory);
> 2) without the option "--enable-multilib", the installation was 
> successfully.
> Are there any differences with the option --enable-multilib? Can I 
> configure RTEMS without this option?
> For what concerns the compilation and execution of Hello_Word via QEMU, 
> the issues described in my previous emails remain(see my previous emails 
> for more details: the only difference is that RTEMS is now installed in 
> d:\opt\src\rtems\i386\):
> 1) I have to modify the Makefile.inc 
> (d:\opt\src\rtems\i386\i386-rtems4.9\c\pc386\make)
> 2) I have to create the two variables RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH and ARCH
> 3) I have to copy start16.bin into the folder d:/msys1.0/lib
> Even though the hello.exe is created, it is not correctly managed by 
> QEMU (the "No multiboot header found" message appears).
> What I can further add, is that the dimension of my Hello Word is 17 Kb, 
> whereas the dimension of the Hello Word that comes from the RTEMS 
> compliation (correctly run by QEMU)is about 1 Mb.
My ".ralf" files are reported as this by file:


What about yours?

What are you booting RTEMS from? How did you create your grub
> Why should I modify the Makefile.inc? Why is not sufficient to set the 
> RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH variable (as stated in RTMES manuals)? 
If you can build the example/hello, then it is OK and there
is just a discrepancy between the executable format produced
and how you are booting it (grub version, setup, etc?)
> How can I 
> produce a Hello Word application manageable by QEMU?
> Joel, what does it means that the file hello.ralf should have had 
> bin2boot run on it? 
bin2boot converts it to a netboot image.  I do not know the
relationship between that and a multiboot image.
> Should QEMU run somehow this file, instead of 
> hello.exe? If yes, how?
I am running ELF files from a qemu vfat.  I use the .exe files.
> Thanks in advance
> Massimo

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