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from your email, I have understood that I have generated my hello.exe 
correctly and that the "No multiboot header found" message is due to an 
format incompatibility between my hello.exe and the grub.

Can you confirm this?

After compiling RTEMS (target=i386-rtems4.9 and RTEMS_BSP=”pc386”),
I have carried out the following steps to configure QEMU/GRUB(taken from 

1) From the RTEMS wiki, download the following files: qemu.bat, 
rtems-boot.img e rtems-grub.cfg
2)Copy the file rtems-boot.img in d:\opt\rtems-4.9
3)Copy the file qemu.bat in d:\opt\rtems-4.9
4) Copy the file rtems-grub.cfg in 
5)Modify the file qemu.bat as follows:

rem @echo off
set QEMU=D:\opt\rtems-4.9\qemu-0.9.0-windows
%QEMU%\qemu -L %QEMU% -m 128 -boot a -fda 
d:\opt\rtems-4.9\rtems-boot.img -hda fat:%1 %2 %3

6) In d:\opt\rtems-4.9, launch the batch file batch rtems.bat
7) In the DOS shell launch the QEMU virtual machine as follows: qemu 
8)The GRUB is being launched: choose the application to start from the 
configured menu

As previously written, the hello.exe produced during the RTEMS 
compilation is correctly booted from QEMU/GRUB. Unfortunately, this does 
not happen with my hello.exe.

Can you suggest me a way to make compatible Grub with my hello.exe? How 
can I make my hello.exe an ELF file?

Can you confirm me that I have installed QEMU correctly?

Which ralf files are you referring to? The hello.ralf that comes from my 


Joel Sherrill ha scritto:
> Massimo Tipaldi wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> first of all, I wish you all the best for this year.
>> I am still trying to work RTEMS on Windows. I have followed all the 
>> advices from Joel and Chris (Rtems 4.9.1 with the related examples and 
>> RTEMS tools 4.9).
>> For what concerns the RTEMS installation:
>> 1) with the option "--enable-multilib", the installation fails 
>> (libnetworking/netinet/.deps/libnetworking_a-if_ether.Po: No such file 
>> or directory);
>> 2) without the option "--enable-multilib", the installation was 
>> successfully.
>> Are there any differences with the option --enable-multilib? Can I 
>> configure RTEMS without this option?
>> For what concerns the compilation and execution of Hello_Word via 
>> QEMU, the issues described in my previous emails remain(see my 
>> previous emails for more details: the only difference is that RTEMS is 
>> now installed in d:\opt\src\rtems\i386\):
>> 1) I have to modify the Makefile.inc 
>> (d:\opt\src\rtems\i386\i386-rtems4.9\c\pc386\make)
>> 2) I have to create the two variables RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH and ARCH
>> 3) I have to copy start16.bin into the folder d:/msys1.0/lib
>> Even though the hello.exe is created, it is not correctly managed by 
>> QEMU (the "No multiboot header found" message appears).
>> What I can further add, is that the dimension of my Hello Word is 17 
>> Kb, whereas the dimension of the Hello Word that comes from the RTEMS 
>> compliation (correctly run by QEMU)is about 1 Mb.
> My ".ralf" files are reported as this by file:
> http://www.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/BoardSupportPackageInformation#PowerPC_BSPs 
> What about yours?
> What are you booting RTEMS from? How did you create your grub
>> Why should I modify the Makefile.inc? Why is not sufficient to set the 
>> RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH variable (as stated in RTMES manuals)? 
> If you can build the example/hello, then it is OK and there
> is just a discrepancy between the executable format produced
> and how you are booting it (grub version, setup, etc?)
>> How can I produce a Hello Word application manageable by QEMU?
>> Joel, what does it means that the file hello.ralf should have had 
>> bin2boot run on it? 
> bin2boot converts it to a netboot image.  I do not know the
> relationship between that and a multiboot image.
>> Should QEMU run somehow this file, instead of hello.exe? If yes, how?
> I am running ELF files from a qemu vfat.  I use the .exe files.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Massimo


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