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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Jan 13 14:14:58 UTC 2009

Massimo Tipaldi wrote:
> OK, I experienced myself that the Rtems makefiles are not correct ...but 
> I should solve my issue, if it is possible.
I have been unable to duplicate any problem you have reported.
I don't know what is going wrong with your install.
> In any case, I'd like to know if:
> 1) someone has considering compiling an easy RTEMS application on 
> Windows PC for i386(and not on a Linux PC, where I konw that it works)
It works on Windows but the main developers use Windows
as little as possible.  The Eclipse plugin work was initially
done on Windows.

> 2) how this application can be make compliant with Grub (Elf 
> file/multiboot specification).
You have at least 4 variables.  I suspect your qemu/grub
setup.  Can you tell me where you got your Windows version
of Qemu and what version it is.  The one I see is not that latest
version and that by itself is enough to cause issues.

With that, I will run the executable and grub setup I have
on Linux on Windows so we can be sure that a known good
RTEMS executable can even run on the version of qemu
you have.

I do LOTS of testing on qemu/rtems/grub/linux.  This is
how the i386-rtems tool test results are generated.  That is
~80K tests in batch mode.  There are many Windows users.

So we need to reduce variables.  First order is to split it
between rtems/tools and qemu.
> I insist on these points:

> 1) the Grub set-up is correct and the source of this failure is 
> somewhere else (the hello.exe in testsuites/samples works)
> 2) I have followed all the Rtems wiki instructions to install the 
> toolchains, rtems and so on; the packages have been downloaded following 
> the links shown on Rtems wiki.
> Can I hope to solve this issue? Is Rtems today mature for Windows?
> Massimo
> rtwas ha scritto:
>> Hello,
>> Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>>>  Makefile.inc is a different class of problem.
>>>  My personal answer to all Makefile.inc related problems: I refuse to
>>>  answer any Makefile.inc related issues, because I consider RTEMS
>>>  Makefile-template system to be mal-designed kid-stuff, RTEMS should
>>>  have stopped dropped a long time ago ;)
>> ;)
>> I was never comfortable with having the make-system *hidden* from me. I made
>> an attempt to be a *good boy* and use it but couldn't get it to work for 
>> my particular
>> build so I ended up reverse engineering it (Makefile templates etc.) and 
>> writing my
>> own (Makefile system) from scratch.
>> Robert W.
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