RFC: Drop GoAHead / cpukit/httpd webserver?

Eric Valette Eric.Valette at Free.fr
Wed Nov 18 15:44:02 UTC 2009

On 18/11/2009 14:30, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> :-D  I am obligated to yelp every time someone mentions putting pure 
> GPL code
> in RTEMS.  We are "guardians" of what RTEMS application license 
> obligates end
> users to do and right now the answer is nothing. 
I never suggested to put appweb in RTEMS. Did I?
> I have signed multiple FSF assignments myself and doing it for a
> true non-profit is one thing.   I see no compelling reason to help
> them with their business model at the expense of making RTEMS
> applications GPL. :-D
Granted. But if you had to run your own company for living and have no 
other funding I can understand.

And If RTEMS had a decent fault isolation via address space protection 
enabling to compile several independent program, this would not be so 
problématic :-) Ok you are still in the hard RT businness!

-- eric
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