RFC: Drop GoAHead / cpukit/httpd webserver?

Paul Whitfield paulw at omnitronics.com.au
Thu Nov 19 00:31:46 UTC 2009

On 18/11/2009 2:47 PM, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> Hi,
> The SC is considering to drop the GoAHead webserver (aka. cpukit/httpd)
> from rtems-4.10, because
> * its upstream appears dead (IIRC, they went closed source)
> * it suffers from severe design limitations and portability issues.
> * its license is somewhat problematic.
> ...
> Q: Is anybody still actively using the RTEMS GoAHead httpd?
> Please speak up now, otherwise we might decide to remove it.

We are still using this module, and if I had the time I would
love to remove it from our applications for all the reasons
stated above.

However, since it is dead upstream. I can not see that it
would be particularly onerous for us (or anyone else) to
maintain it as a separate library from RTEMS if support
is dropped.

So despite "actively" using the Web-server, I still vote
for it to be removed so that other users don't get "trapped"
into using it.



PS: I don't suppose anyone on the list has done any work
on a "compatibility" layer to ease the pain for transitioning
to shttpd?

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