ANN: rtems-4.10 binutils upgraded to binutils-2.19.92

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Wed Oct 7 14:20:52 UTC 2009


Due to us gradually approaching an rtems-4.10 release, we are currently 
closely following the FSF releases of the toolchain components.

As the binutils project is rapidly approaching a new major release 
(binutils-2.20; No ETA, but it can happen any day soon!), which we want 
to base a future rtems-4.10 toolchain on, I have upgraded the rtems4.10 
toolchains' binutils packages to the latest snapshot of the FSF 
binutils: binutils-2.19.92

RPMs for Fedora-10/11/12, openSUSE-11.0/11.1 and CentOS-5, and tarballs 
for mingw32 and cygwin have landed in their corresponding repositories 

Linux-users, who have these repositories enabled, will automatically 
receive these new packages.

Please, intensively test these packages and report issues to upstream 
FSF binutils, ASAP


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