RTEMS GSOC 2010 Students

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Mon Apr 26 20:58:12 UTC 2010

RTEMS is pleased to announce that we received eight (8) student slots 
this year. In addition, we are pleased that three of the projects 
involve cooperation with other open source software projects (Go, 
Parrot, and Milkymist). We had a record number of submissions and we 
really wanted to accept more. Unfortunately, there has to be a limit. If 
your project was not accepted this year but you still want to work on 
it, please do so. We will be happy to mentor you.

We would like to thank all students who took an interest in RTEMS and 
put forward a proposal. We are seeing the quality of proposals and 
students improve each year and this is a credit to all who are involved. 
We would also like to thank all mentors you took the time to review and 
comment on the proposals. And we would like to thank the folks in the 
Google Open Source Program Office for sponsoring the Summer of Code 
again and putting up with all of us.

Student          Project                             Mentors
Gedare Bloom     Modular SuperCore Scheduler Manager Joel Sherrill
Robert Kuo       Parrot on RTEMS                     Jonathon Leto
Vinu Rajashekhar RTEMS Port of GNU GCC Go            Ian Lance Taylor
Alin Rus         POSIX Asynchronous and List IO      Ralf Corsepius
Claudio Silva    ATA/SATA Driver                     Chris Johns
Yann Sionneau    RTEMS Port to Milkymist             Michael Walle
Bharath Suri     RTEMS Test Coverage Improvements    Jennifer Averett
Wenjie Zhang     RTEMS Seq Init and System Events    Sebastian Huber

Link: http://rtems.org/node/49


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