Interrupt Problems (again).

Nick Thomas nick.thomas at
Fri Feb 12 16:47:11 UTC 2010


I am still having problems with interrupts.

I reported a while ago that rtems_interrupt_is_in_progress() was returning
the wrong value occasionally.
Now, I see that I am getting an error 18 (RTEMS_CALLED_FROM_ISR) at a place
in the code that definitely back-traces to a task!

At the point of the crash I see that _ISR_Nest_level is zero, and
_Thread_Dispatch_disable_level is 1 .

I am using RTEMS 4.7.1 on a PowerPC 405, if that helps.

I know that RTEMS 4.7.1 is quite old now, but I don't realistically have the
ability to upgrade at this point in the project.

Any help/comments/suggestions welcomed.



Nick Thomas
Email: nick.thomas at 

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