still can't boot mvme2100

Till Straumann strauman at
Tue Jun 8 14:15:06 UTC 2010


I just booted your 'hello.ralf' you sent me off-line on my mvme2100
which worked fine (see below). Hence, I suspect something with
your setup must be wrong (did you check the PReP network boot
setting in ENV?)

-- Till

Network Booting from: DEC21143, Controller 0, Device 0
Device Name: /pci at fec00000/pci1011,19 at e,0:0,0
Loading: Operating System

Client IP Address      =
Server IP Address      =
Gateway IP Address     =
Subnet IP Address Mask =
Boot File Name         = hello.ralf
Argument File Name     =

Network Boot File load in progress... To abort hit <BREAK>

Bytes Received =&175944, Bytes Loaded =&175944
Bytes/Second   =&175944, Elapsed Time =1 Second(s)

Residual-Data Located at: $01F5511C

Model: 0                          (e2)
Serial: MOT06B6D26
Processor/Bus frequencies (Hz): 199998720/66666240
Time Base Divisor: 4000
Memory Size: 2000000

PCI: Probing PCI hardware

RTEMS 4.x/PPC load:
Uncompressing the kernel...
Now booting...
Welcome to rtems- (classic FPU)/mvme2100) on 
MVME 2100
pci : Configuring interrupt routing for 'MVME 2100'
pci : Device 0:0x00:0 routed to interrupt_line 16
pci : Device 0:0x0D:0 routed to interrupt_line 23
pci : Device 0:0x0E:0 routed to interrupt_line 17
Cleared PCI errors: pci_stat was 0x20A0
WARNING: unable to allocate page table, keeping DBAT0
WARNING: unable to setup page tables VME bridge must share PCI space
OpenPIC Version 1.2 (1 CPUs and 24 IRQ sources) at 0xFCE40000
OpenPIC Vendor 0 (Unknown), Device 0 (Unknown), Stepping 1
Overriding NumSources (24) from configuration with 16
OpenPIC timer frequency is 8333216 Hz
Universe II PCI-VME bridge detected at 0xFCDFF000, IRQ 23
Universe Master Ports:
Port  VME-Addr   Size       PCI-Adrs   Mode:
0:    0x20000000 0x0E000000 0x90000000 A32, D64 [MBLT], Dat, Sup
1:    0x00000000 0x00FF0000 0x9F000000 A24, D64 [MBLT], Dat, Sup
2:    0x00000000 0x00010000 0x9FFF0000 A16, D64, Dat, Sup
Universe Slave Ports:
Port  VME-Addr   Size       PCI-Adrs   Mode:
0:    0xC0000000 0x02000000 0x00000000 A32, Pgm, Dat, Sup, Usr, PWEN, PREN
Registering /dev/console as minor 0 (==/dev/ttyS0)

Hello World

On 06/08/2010 07:49 AM, Heinz Junkes wrote:
> Hi,
> i have now made a fresh installtion of  rtems-tools 4.10 from source for powerpc on debian lenny 5.0.4.
>  From the cvs i have loaded the rtems-4.9.4.
> I could the hello_world test file. But still run into "Illegal Instruction" when i start hello.ralf
> as i mentioned in my last mail:
>   Network Boot File load in progress... To abort hit<BREAK>
>   Bytes Received =&2524435, Bytes Loaded =&2524435
>   Bytes/Second   =&841478, Elapsed Time =3 Second(s)
>   Exception: Program (Illegal Instruction)
>   SRR0 =001F0000 SRR1 =00083040 Vector-Offset =00700
>   ...
> The cpu board i use have 64 Mbyte of memory installed. Have i to modify mvme2100.cfg, linkcmds ?
> Will  the mvme3100 - board run with RTEMS? I would buy such kind of boards if i can not get the mvme2100
> to run in the next two month ...
> Regards,
> Heinz
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