blackfin bf537ezlite bsp

Eugene Shvets lhj7362 at
Fri Oct 29 15:43:58 UTC 2010

 Hey everyone!
I want to insall RTEMS at blackfin bf537 ezlite board. I am totally new to
this things, but from what I aknowledged from wiki, I need first to create
an appropriate BSP since there is support only for bf537stamp board.
Hopefuly, I'll manage to do this with the help of onlinedocs.
Then I should build RTEMS providing it with the ready BSP with
--enable-rtemsbsp option (providing the directory to the file?).
 Am I right?
Another question is how can I then download the built RTEMS into the board?
Is Uboot the way to go?
 Thanks, and again, I am sorry for stupid questions.
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